Dining Options at the Terrace Retirement Community

At the Terrace Retirement Community, you’ll never have to worry about being served bland, cafeteria-style food and the same menu every day. You’ll enjoy delicious meals from our talented chefs that rival the best restaurants around Columbia. With three different dining venue to choose from, you’ll have choices galore for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For even more information on dining at the Terrace, view our frequently asked questions section at the bottom of this page.

Our Senior Living Dining Philosophy

We want every aspect of your senior living to reflect our core values of, freedom, friendship and respect. How do we accomplish that in the dining room?

1. Freedom: Eat What You Want, When You Want

It’s your retirement, you shouldn’t have to be on someone else’s schedule—especially when it comes to dining. Our restaurants operate on a “what-you-want and when-you-want” basis. Our variety of menu options allow you the freedom to choose what you eat, and our flexible hours allow you the freedom to choose when you eat. Whether you prefer early bird meals, brunches or mid-afternoon lunches it’s all up to you! Choose from the menu items at the Pub, Bistro, or main Dining Room or explore our featured daily specials for a variety of meal options each day.

2. Friendship: Time to Socialize

When it comes to having a great dining experience, we recognize that the dining environment can be just as important as the food itself. No matter your age or interests, meals are a great time to connect with friends and family. At the Terrace, you can join your friends in the Pub for a drink or invite your family for a meal in our Dining Room—we encourage social time at meals!

3. Respect: High-Quality, Restaurant-Style Dining

After years in the workforce, raising children, helping your community, or a combination of, these and more, it’s your turn to be served! Your retirement is a hard-earned achievement, so our dining staff will work hard to deliver exceptional restaurant-style dining to you with every meal. The Terrace is proud to offer three different high-quality dining experiences with made-to-order menus.

Enjoy and Explore Three Different Dining Experiences at the Terrace

All three dining venues at the Terrace are available as full-service dining options in the evening with breakfast and lunch service in the Bistro. At the Terrace, we believe delicious food, menu options, and flexibility are important.

The Bistro

In the Bistro, try a pizza, a great salad, a sandwich or a featured entree! Our Bistro offers three meals a day with full breakfast, lunch and dinner menus.

The Dining Room

Our Dining Room offers a little touch of formal dining flair with delicious menu items ranging from Salmon Salad to Filet Mignon.

The Pub

Join friends in the Pub for a drink, an appetizer or a mouthwatering sandwich! Open in the evenings, our Pub offers a warm, friendly environment for enjoying dinner, refreshments, and shareable dishes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Senior Living Dining Services

Yes! Dining is included with your monthly rent and works like a flexible meal plan. You’ll receive a specified number of dining points to use as you please, offering you the flexibility to eat when and where you want.

We celebrate a full variety of special occasions from Mother’s Day to Thanksgiving with delicious, specifically themed cuisine. Family, friends, and other guests are welcome to join in on these festivities! A few examples of our celebratory meals include:

  • Memorial Day: We honor those who have served our country by offering a themed dinner such as delicious burgers and hot dogs served straight off the grill!

  • New Year’s Day: It’s only tradition to stay up late on New Year’s Eve, so we celebrate the start of the new year with a full brunch special feast. You might have to postpone your new year’s resolutions for this one!

  • Mother’s Day: On Mother’s Day, we thank all the women who raised us with a beautiful celebratory dinner!

You are always welcome to cook your own meals at the Terrace. Our senior apartments come equipped with microwaves, stovetops, ovens, or a combination of the three, so that you have the freedom to create your own delicious recipes in the comfort of your home. Need ingredients? Located in the Bistro, our onsite sundry shop sells milk, eggs and other groceries, along with drinks and snacks to keep in your apartment for a midnight snack!

Ready to Learn More About the Terrace?

Need more information about our senior living dining? Call, email or visit today — we will be happy to give you a tour of our community and let you experience our dining yourself.